Archive: The Year 2015

New paper

Zhou Y., Wu X., Ju W., Chen J., Wang S., Wang H., Yuan W., Black A., Jassal R., Ibrom A., Han S., Yan J., Margolis H., Roupsard O., Li Y., Zhao F., Kiely G., Starr G., Pavelka M., Montagnani L., Wohlfahrt G., D’Odorico P., Cook D., Arain A., Bonal D., Beringer J., Blanken P., Loubet B., Leclerc M., Matteucci G., Nagy Z., Olejnik J., Paw U K. T., Varlagin A. (2015) Global parameterization and validation of a two-leaf light use efficiency model for predicting gross primary production across FLUXNET sites. Journal of Geophysical Research–Biogeosciences, doi: 10.1002/2014JG002876[OPEN ACCESS]

Biomet group @ AGU fall meeting 2015

Lunz news

This week Kathi and Albin installed our dual QCL from Aerodyne at Lunz with the aim to be able to quantify CH4 fluxes from the lake, in particular during ice out next spring. Quite creepy weather …IMG_6573

New paper published

Wohlfahrt G., Gu L. (2015) The many meanings of gross photosynthesis and their implication for photosynthesis research from leaf to globe. Plant, Cell and Environment 38, 2500-2507, doi: 10.1111/pce.12569[OPEN ACCESS]

New paper published

Berninger F., Susiluoto S., Gianelle D., Bahn M., Wohlfahrt G., Sutton M., Garcia-Pausas J., Gimeno C., Sanz M. J., Dore S., Rogiers N., Furger M., Eugester W., Balzarolo M., Sebastià M. T., Tenhunen J., Staszewski T., Cernusca A. (2015) Management and site effects on carbon balances of European mountain meadows and rangelands. Boreal Environmental Research 20, 748-760, pdf. [OPEN ACCESS]

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