See here for a list of international, peer-reviewed publications that have made use of the data of the FLUXNET site Neustift.

Below you find our peer-reviewed papers, books, posters and oral presentations.

New papers

Wohlfahrt G., Tomelleri E., Hammerle A. (2019) The urban imprint on plant phenology. Nature Ecology & Evolution, doi: 10.1038/s41559-019-1017-9.

Shang Z., Zhou F., Smith P., Saikawa E., Ciais P., Chang J., Tian H., Del Grosso S. J., Ito A., Chen M., Wang Q., Bo Y., Cui X., Castaldi S., Juszczak R., Kasimir Å., Magliulo V., Medinets S., Medinets V., Rees B., Wohlfahrt G., Sabbatini S. (2019) Weakened growth of cropland-N2O emissions in China associated with nationwide policy interventions. Global Change Biology 25, 3706-3719, doi: 10.1111/gcb.14741.

Stoy P., El-Madany T., Fisher J., Gentine P., Gerken T., Good S., Liu S., Miralles D., Perez-Priego O., Skaggs T., Wohlfahrt G., Anderson R., Jung M., Maes W., Mammarella I., Mauder M., Migliavacca M., Nelson J., Poyatos R., Reichstein M., Scott R., Wolf S. (2019) Reviews and syntheses: Turning the challenges of partitioning ecosystem evaporation and transpiration into opportunities. Biogeosciences 16, 3747-3775, doi: 10.5194/bg-16-3747-2019. [OPEN ACCESS]

Peaucelle M., Bacour C., Ciais P., Vuichard N., Kuppel S., Penuelas J., Belelli Marchesini L., Blanken P.D., Buchmann N., Chen J., Delpierre N., Desai A.R., Dufrêne E., Gianelle D., Gimeno-Colera C., Gruening C., Helfter C., Hörtnagl L., Ibrom A., Joffre R., Kato T., Kolb T., Law B., Lindroth A., Mammarella I., Merbold L., Minerbi S., Montagnani L., Šigut L., Sutton M., Varlagin A., Vesala T., Wohlfahrt G., Wolf S., Yakir D., Viovy N., Lenoir J.  (2019) Covariations between plant functional traits emerge from constraining parameterization of a terrestrial biosphere model. Global Ecology and Biogeography 28, 1351-1365, doi: 10.1111/geb.12937. [OPEN ACCESS]

Bandopadhyay S., Rastogi A., Rascher U., Rademske P., Schickling A., Cogliati S., Julitta T., Mac Arthur A., Hueni A., Tomelleri E., Celesti M., Burkart A., Stróżecki M., Sakowska K., Gąbka M., Rosadziński S., Sojka M., Iordache M.-D., Reusen I., Van Der Tol C., Damm A., Schuettemeyer D., Juszczak R. (2019) Hyplant-Derived Sun-Induced Fluorescence—A New Opportunity to Disentangle Complex Vegetation Signals from Diverse Vegetation Types. Remote Sensing 11, 1691, doi: 10.3390/rs11141691. [OPEN ACCESS]

Spielmann F.M., Wohlfahrt G., Hammerle A., Kitz F., Migliavacca M., Alberti G., Ibrom A., El-Madany T.S., Gerdel K., Moreno G., Kolle O., Karl T., Peressoti A., Delle Vedove G., (2019) Gross primary productivity of four European ecosystems constrained by joint CO2 and COS flux measurements. Geophysical Research Letters 46, 5284-5293, doi: 10.1029/2019GL082006. [OPEN ACCESS]

Kitz F., Gomez-Brandon M., Eder B., Shalamzari M.E., Spielmann F.M., Hammerle A., Insam H., Wohlfahrt G. (2019) On the role of microorganisms for the soil carbonyl sulfide exchange. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 135, 28-37, doi: 10.1016/j.soilbio.2019.04.005. [OPEN ACCESS]

Pacheco-Labrador J., Hueni A., Mihai L., Sakowska K., Julitta T., Kuusk J., Sporea D., Alonso L., Burkart A., Pilar Cendrero-Mateo M., Aasen H., Goulas Y., Mac Arthur A. (2019) Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence I: Instrumental Considerations for Proximal Spectroradiometers. Remote Sensing 11, 960, doi: 10.3390/rs11080960. [OPEN ACCESS]

Sakowska K., MacArthur A., Gianelle D., Dalponte M., Alberti G., Gioli B., Miglietta F., Pitacco A., Meggio F., Fava F., Julitta T., Rossini M., Rocchini D., Vescovo L. (2019) Assessing Across-Scale Optical Diversity and Productivity Relationships in Grasslands of the Italian Alps. Remote Sensing 11, 614, doi: 10.3390/rs11060614. [OPEN ACCESS]



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New book

Zhao, P.; Li, Y.. 2018. Learning R: R language for Rookies. Research Publishing Press. ISBN 9787519902940. pp. 343.


New posters

Desai A., Wohlfahrt G., Zeeman M., Katata G., Mauder M., Schmid H.-P. (2014) Ecosystem Greenhouse Gas Fluxes Respond Directly to Weather Not Climate: A Case Study on the Relationship of Global Atmospheric Circulation, Foehn Frequency, and Winter Weather to Northern Alps Regional Grassland Phenology and Carbon Cycling, B41C-0046. AGU fall meeting, 15‑19 December 2014, San Francisco, CA/USA.

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New presentations

Hörtnagl L., Bahn M., Barthel M., Eugster W., Klumpp K., Ladreiter-Knauss T., Merbold L., Wohlfahrt G., Buchmann N. (2014) Greenhouse gas fluxes over Central European grasslands, B32B-06. AGU fall meeting, 15‑19 December 2014, San Francisco, CA/USA.

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