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New paper

The EOS article, originating from the COS workshop in Hyytiälä September 2016, is now finally out:

Campbell J. L., Kesselmeier J., Yakir D., Berry J. A., Peylin P., Belviso S., Vesala T., Maseyk K., Seibt U., Chen H., Whelan M. E., Hilton T. W., Montzka S. A., Berkelhammer M. B., Lennartz S. T., Kuai L., Wohlfahrt G., Wang Y., Blake N. J., Blake D. R., Stinecipher J., Baker I., Sitch S. (2017) Assessing a new clue to how much carbon plants take up. EOS 98, doi: 10.1029/2017EO075313.

Soy bean measurement campaign started


Yesterday, Katharina, Felix and Albin headed down to near Udine to set up the QCLAS in a measurement campaign comparing the energy balance and CO2 exchange of the wild type soy bean (dark green to the left) with a bright high-albedo mutant (minngold; to the right).


Below some further impressions.


DSC_0181 DSC_0183 DSC_0155

Farewell to Dan


Today, Dan’s one-month stay as a guest professor in our group is ending and thus the group gathered yesterday for an extensive farewell breakfast – yummie!

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