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New papers

Papale D., Black T.A., Carvalhais N., Cescatti A., Chen J., Jung M., Kiely G., Lasslop G., Mahecha M.D., Margolis H., Merbold L., Montagnani L., Moors E., Olesen J.E., Reichstein M., Tramontana G., van Gorsel E., Wohlfahrt G., Ráduly B. (2015) Effect of spatial sampling from European flux-towers for estimating carbon and water fluxes with artificial neural networks. Journal of Geophysical Research, doi: 10.1002/2015JG002997.

van Dijk A.I.J.M., Gash J.H., van Gorsel E., Blanken P.D., Cescatti A., Emmel C., Gielen B., Harman I., Kiely G., Merbold L., Montagnani L., Moors E., Roland M., Sottocornola M., Valargin A., Williams C.A., Wohlfahrt G. (2015) Rainfall interception and the coupled surface water and energy balance. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, doi: 10.1016/j.agrformet.2015.09.006.

New paper

Oberhuber W., Hammerle A., Kofler W. (2015) Tree water status and growth of saplings and mature Norway spruce (Picea abies) at a dry distribution limit. Frontiers in Plance Science, doi: 10.3389/fpls.2015.00703.

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