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New paper

Our paper synthesizing 4 years of Acetaldehyde fluxes at Neustift was accepted in ACP.

Hörtnagl L., Bamberger I., Graus M., Ruuskanen T. M., Schnitzhofer R., Walser M., Unterberger A., Hansel A., Wohlfahrt G. (2014) Acetaldehyde exchange above a managed temperate mountain grassland. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, in press.

New paper

Yuan W., Cai W., Xia J., Chen J., Liu S., Dong W., Merbold L., Law B., Arain A., Beringer J., Bernhofer C., Black A., Blanken P. D., Cescatti A., Chen Y., Francois L., Gianelle D., Janssens I. A., Jung M., Kato T., Kiely G., Liu D., Marcolla B., Montagnani L., Raschi A., Roupsard O., Varlagin A., Wohlfahrt G. (2014) Global comparison of light use efficiency models for simulating terrestrial vegetation gross primary production based on the LaThuile database. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, in press.

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