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New paper

Desai A. R., Wohlfahrt G., Zeeman M. J., Katata G., Eugster W., Montagnani L., Gianelle D., Mauder M., Schmid H.-P. (2015) Montane ecosystems respond more to global circulation patterns than climatic trends. Environmental Research Letters, accepted 01.02.2016.

Tyrolean Science Fund grant handed over to Florian

On Friday, within the frame of a larger ceremony, the grants of the latest call by the Tyrolean Science Fund have been handed over to the recipients, including Florian, who luckily even made it onto a picture (the tall guy in the second row; image by Land Tirol/Sax) distributed to the media. Tilg_Wissenschaftsfond_220116_Klein-737x470

New paper

Jud W., Fischer L., Canaval E., Wohlfahrt G., Tissier A., Hansel A. (2016) Plant surface reactions: an opportunistic ozone defence mechanism impacting atmospheric chemistry. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16, 277-292, doi: 10.5194/acp-16-277-2016. [OPEN ACCESS]

New paper

Zhou Y., Wu X., Ju W., Chen J., Wang S., Wang H., Yuan W., Black A., Jassal R., Ibrom A., Han S., Yan J., Margolis H., Roupsard O., Li Y., Zhao F., Kiely G., Starr G., Pavelka M., Montagnani L., Wohlfahrt G., D’Odorico P., Cook D., Arain A., Bonal D., Beringer J., Blanken P., Loubet B., Leclerc M., Matteucci G., Nagy Z., Olejnik J., Paw U K. T., Varlagin A. (2015) Global parameterization and validation of a two-leaf light use efficiency model for predicting gross primary production across FLUXNET sites. Journal of Geophysical Research–Biogeosciences, doi: 10.1002/2014JG002876[OPEN ACCESS]

Biomet group @ AGU fall meeting 2015

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