New papers

Peron A., Graus M., Striednig M., Lamprecht Ch., Wohlfahrt G., Karl T. (2024) Deciphering anthropogenic and biogenic contributions to selected non-methane volatile organic compound emissions in an urban area. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 24, 7063-708, doi: 10.5194/acp-24-7063-2024. [OPEN ACCESS]

Shtai W., Asensio D., Wohlfahrt G., Tagliavini M. (2024) Assessing the levels of soil water availability that minimize the damage of heatwaves to potted grapevines. Italus Hortus 31, 95-109, doi: 10.26353/j.itahort/2024.1.95109. [OPEN ACCESS]