Federico Carotenuto


PhD student graduated 25.10.2017

jointly supervised with Franco Miglietta


Microbial ecosystem-atmosphere exchange

Achievements @Biomet


Carotenuto F., Georgiadis T., Gioli B., Leyronas C., Morris C.E., Nardino M., Wohlfahrt G., Miglietta F. (2017) Measurements and modeling of surface–atmosphere exchange of microorganisms in Mediterranean grassland. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17, 14919-14936, doi: 10.5194/acp-2017-527. [OPEN ACCESS]

Sakowska K., Gianelle D., Zaldei A., MacArthur A., Carotenuto F., Miglietta F., Zampedri R., Cavagna M., Vescovo L. (2015) WhiteRef: A New Tower-Based Hyperspectral System for Continuous Reflectance Measurements. Sensors 15, 1088-1105, doi: 10.3390/s150101088[OPEN ACCESS]


Carotenuto F., Gioli B., Toscano P., Gualtieri G., Miglietta F., Wohlfahrt G. (2015) Validation of high-resolution WRF-ARW model runs against airborne measurements over complex terrain in central Italy. EGU2015-5414, Poster at European Geophysical Union 2015 General Assembly, 12-17 April 2015, Vienna, Austria.


CNR IBIMET, Firenze, Italy