Basic infrastructure
Was provided in the form of two infrastructure grants by the University of Innsbruck via the research area Mountain Regions.

Basic running costs
Are partially provided by the Alpine Research Sites of the University of Innsbruck. 

Active projects

  • “The future of mountain forests: response to a drier climate”, 2023-2027, FWF doc-funds project within which several PhD students will work, at least partially, at the FAIR site
  • “Early stress detection in Austrian ecosystems with sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (AustroSIF)”, 2021-2023, FFG
  • “Empowering plant carbonyl sulfide uptake as a proxy for gross primary productivity”, 2022-2025, FWF
  • “Offene, skalierbare Daten für evidenzbasierte Entscheidungen im Wald der Zukunft”, 2022-203, Bundesministerium Landwirtschaft, Regionen und Tourismus

Closed projects

  • “Constraining terrestrial gross primary productivity by joint measurements of the carbonyl sulfide exchange and sun-induced fluorescence”, 2019-2021, Joint FWF-DFG DACH project (German partner: Dr. Mirco Migliavacca, Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry Jena/Germany)