Tamara Laterza

MSc student graduated 21.11.2016

Thesis title

The contribution of the soils to the ecosystem-atmosphere carbonyl sulfide exchange in a temperate mountain grassland

Achievements @Biomet


Kitz F., Gerdel K., Hammerle A., Laterza T., Spielmann F., Wohlfahrt G. (2017) In situ soil COS exchange of a temperate mountain grassland under simulated drought. Oecologia, doi: 10.1007/s00442-016-3805-0.


Kitz F., Hammerle A., Laterza T., Spielmann F.M., Wohlfahrt G. (2016) Soil emission and uptake of carbonyl sulfide at a temperate mountain grassland. EGU2016-4364, European Geophysical Union 2016 General Assembly, 18-22 April 2016, Vienna, Austria.

Wohlfahrt G., Gerdel K., Hammerle A., Kitz F., Laterza T., Spielmann F.M. (2015) Disentangling sources and sinks of carbonyl sulfide in a temperate mountain grassland. Poster at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 14-18 December 2015, San Francisco, USA.