Vinschgau pasture Italy

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This page contains information about our study site Vinschgau pasture, Italy.


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Elevation: 1550 m a.s.l.
Latitude: 46.68° N
Longitude: 10.59° E
Average annual temperature: 6.5 °C
Average annual precipitation: 550 mm

Vegetation type: Vegetation is dominated by drought and grazing adapted grasses (Festuca valesiaca agg.), herbs (Hieracium pilosella agg.) and shrubs (Juniperus communis agg.).

Soil type: shallow leptosols

Management: lightly grazed by cattle and sheep during spring and fall


Measured variables

  • CO2-fluxes (Since 06/2014)
  • Water vapour fluxes (Since 06/2014)
  • Energy fluxes (Since 06/2014)
  • Micrometorology (Since 06/20014)