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Press feedback on Nature Ecology & Evolution paper

Thanks to the excellent work of science communication specialist Mag. Gabriele Rampl from SciNews, our paper on “The urban imprint on plant phenology” in Nature Ecology & Evolution received a wide echo in the national (e.g. APA, ORFonScience, Der Standard, TT) and international (e.g. El Pais, Rodexo, Spain’s News, Südtirol News, Academia) press. Follow this link for the article in the Newsroom by the University of Innsbruck. 

New paper

Shang Z., Zhou F., Smith P., Saikawa E., Ciais P., Chang J., Tian H., Del Grosso S. J., Ito A., Chen M., Wang Q., Bo Y., Cui X., Castaldi S., Juszczak R., Kasimir Å., Magliulo V., Medinets S., Medinets V., Rees B., Wohlfahrt G., Sabbatini S. (2019) Weakened growth of cropland-N2O emissions in China associated with nationwide policy interventions. Global Change Biology 25, 3706-3719, doi: 10.1111/gcb.14741.

New paper

Stoy P., El-Madany T., Fisher J., Gentine P., Gerken T., Good S., Liu S., Miralles D., Perez-Priego O., Skaggs T., Wohlfahrt G., Anderson R., Jung M., Maes W., Mammarella I., Mauder M., Migliavacca M., Nelson J., Poyatos R., Reichstein M., Scott R., Wolf S. (2019) Reviews and syntheses: Turning the challenges of partitioning ecosystem evaporation and transpiration into opportunities. Biogeosciences 16, 3747-3775, doi: 10.5194/bg-16-3747-2019. [OPEN ACCESS]

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