Monday, 18 April

Georg Wohlfahrt, Marta Galvagno: The inconvenient truth about eddy covariance flux partitioning and implications for global carbon cycle estimates. EGU2016-3271, Oral 09:45-10:00, Room F1.

Albin Hammerle, Florian Kitz, Felix Spielmann, Katharina Gerdel, and Georg Wohlfahrt: Carbon monoxide exchange and partitioning of a managed mountain meadow. EGU2016-6002, Oral 10:30-10:45, Room 1.61.

Edoardo Cremonese, Marta Galvagno, Albin Hammerle, Gianluca Filippa, and Georg Wohlfahrt: No snow for Christmas: the impact of the 2015 extreme winter on CO2 fluxes in European mountain grasslands. EGU2016-12056, Poster 17:30-19:00, Foyer M.

Wednesday, 20 April

Lukas Hoertnagl, Michael Bahn, Nina Buchmann, Eugenio Dias-Pinez, Werner Eugster, Ralf Kiese, Katja Klumpp, Ladreiter-Knauss Thomas, Haiyan Lu, Georg Wohlfahrt, Matthias Zeeman, and Lutz Merbold: The influence of management on GHG fluxes over Central European grasslands. EGU2016-13680, Oral 14:15-14:30, Room 2.83.

Katharina Scholz, Albin Hammerle, and Georg Wohlfahrt: Long-term EC measurements over a pre-alpine lake. EGU2016-12128, Oral 14:45-15:00, room 2.83.

Thursday, 21 April

Peng Zhao, Albin Hammerle, and Georg Wohlfahrt: The role of advection for CO2 exchange flux over a moutainous grassland in the Alps. EGU2016-7471, Oral 11:15-11:30, Room 0.88.

Katharina Gerdel, Felix M. Spielmann, Albin Hammerle, and Georg Wohlfahrt: Eddy covariance carbonyl sulfide flux measurements with a quantum cascade laser absorption spectrometer. EGU2016-4478, Poster 17:30-19:00, Hall X2.

Felix M. Spielmann, Florian Kitz, Albin Hammerle, Katharina Gerdel, and Georg Wohlfahrt: Sources and sinks of carbonyl sulfide in a mountain grassland and relationships to the carbon dioxide exchange. EGU2016-5498, Oral 13:45-14:00, Room 2.83.

Florian Kitz, Albin Hammerle, Tamara Laterza, Felix M. Spielmann, and Georg Wohlfahrt: Soil emission and uptake of carbonyl sulfide at a temperate mountain grassland. EGU2016-4364, Poster 17:30-19:00 Foyer N.