ICOS science conference @Prague

Last week Karolina attended the 2018 ICOS science conference – the Biomet group was represented with the following contributions:

Sakowska K., Gamon J., Burba G. (2018) From Measurements to Analysis: New Tools for Time- and Space-Synchronized Flux and Optical Sensor Network.

Sakowska K., Hammerle A., Spielmann F. M., Wohlfahrt G. (2018) Carbonyl sulfide and sun-induced fluorescence as joint constraints on terrestrial carbon cycling.

Spielmann F. M., Hammerle A., Gerdel K., Kitz F., Kolle O., Migliavacca M., Moreno G., Ibrom A., Peressotti A., Alberti G., Delle Vedove G., Wohlfahrt G. (2018) Flux partitioning plus – joint constraints by carbon dioxide and carbonyl sulfide increase inferred gross primary productivity estimates.

Sakowska K., MacArthur A., Gianelle D., Dalponte M., Alberti G., Gioli B., Miglietta F., Pitacco A., Meggio F., Fava F., Julitta T., Rossini M., Rocchini D., Vescovo L. (2018) Assessing spatial patterns of ecosystem productivity and diversity in grasslands using Sentinel-2: is it feasible?

Sakowska K., Aasen H., Cendrero-Mateo M. P., Mihai L., Pacheco-Labrador R. J., Van Wittenberghe S., MacArthur A., Verrelst J., Schlerf M. (2018) Optical synergies for spatiotemporal sensing of scalable ecophysiological traits: SENSECO COST Action CA17134.