Archive: The Year 2018

Euregio young researcher award

Last Friday Karolina was invited to present her research on chlorophyll-deficient mutants as a means to increase the planetary albedo and thus counteract global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions at the finals of the Euregio young researcher competition and achieved the 3rd place – congratulations!


Picture copyright: Land Tirol/Sedlak


Advection campaign at larch forest in Torgnon started

Last week Marta and Georg set up the advection equipment that in a previous FWF project was used at grasslands in the larch forest flux tower in Torgnon (Aosta valley) to quantify the contribution of advection to the CO2 balance of the forest.

IMG_0767 IMG_0768 IMG_0774 4615d5d3-8269-424e-bbd0-b2634410d535