Archive: The Year 2019

Peru update

Latest photos from Lorenz before his return back to Innsbruck – the papas are growing on the eddy site!

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Biomet alumni

One day before Christmas, Georg met with Peng, former PostDoc on the advection project, who spent a few days at Innsbruck with family. 

PhD defense

Today Sylvie Pighini successfully defended her dissertation – congratulations!

Mondsee update

Bad weather doesn’t prevent Kathi and Albin from doing maintanence at our flux tower at Lake Mondsee. Mondsee_191209

Peru update

454fafcc-5463-4318-898a-68c99fa30463As vegetation development is progressing, Lorenz and Rolando are using our unique EcoBot for investigating spatial differences in energy partitioning between locally grown crops across the precipitation gradient from Cordillera blanca to negra just outside Huaraz.