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IMG_1221Yesterday Kathi and Georg travelled to Mondsee to get the CH4 and CO2 flux measurements operational after repair of some of the equipment and gave a joint lecture in the seminar of the Department of Limnology on “Quantifying the lake-atmosphere CO2 and CH4 exchange using the eddy covariance method”.

ASLO Aquatic Sciences meeting

20190223_102903Kathi is attending the ASLO 2019 Aquatic Sciences in meeting in San Juan (Puerto Rico) these days presenting latest findings on our mobile methane flux measurements with in the ALCH4 project.

Ariis mini-workshop and seminar presentation

This Monday, Alessandro and Gemini (University of Udine) visited us to discuss the results of this year’s measurement campaign at Ariis, where a wildtype and chlorophyll-deficient soybean mutant were compared in a large-scale field experiment, to which we participated measuring COS and CO2 fluxes, as well as sun-induced fluorescence.IMG_2432

In the afternoon, Alessandro gave a well-received presentation in the Institute’s seminar series, blending their previous and current research results on soybean.


Biomet@EGU retrospect


Hammerle A., Spielmann F.M., Kitz F., Ibrom A., Migliavacca M., Noe S., Kolle O., Moreno G., Wohlfahrt G.Ecosystem-scale carbon monoxide exchange and partitioning across major biomes in Europe.

Wohlfahrt G. - Shedding light on daytime flux partitioning.



Zhao P., Wohlfahrt G. - Role of advection for the ecosystem-atmosphere CO2 exchange of alpine grasslands.

Kitz F., Gomez-Brandon M., Hammerle A., Spielmann F.M., Insam H., Ibrom A., Migliavacca M., Moreno G., Noe S.M., Wohlfahrt G.Combining in situ and laboratory measurements of soil-atmosphere carbonyl sulfide fluxes from four different biomes across Europe.

Spielmann F.M., Kitz F., Hammerle A., Gerdel K., Ibrom A., Kolle O., Migliavacca M., Moreno G., Noe S.M., Wohlfahrt G.Concurrent CO2 and COS fluxes across major biomes in Europe.

Scholz K., Hammerle A., Hiltbrunner E., Wohlfahrt G.Using model-data fusion to analyze the interannual variability of NEE of an alpine grassland.


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