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Visitor Peter Widmoser

Peter Widmoser

Peter Widmoser (University of Kiel) visited us in June to work on diagnosing how to best force closure of the energy imbalance. The picture shows him during a field course on Kaserstattalm helping students with phytomass sampling.

Visitor Ray Leuning

After this years EGU meeting in Vienna, Ray Leuning (CSIRO, Canberra, Australia) spent a couple of days at our lab – not only to give a presentation and discuss science, but also to try our favorite spring skiing activity “figeln”. And because it’s 2012 and therefore the future, here’s a video:

What we are teaching in 2012: an update! Read more…

Visitor Almuth Arneth

Almut Arneth (Lunds University) visited us and gave a presentation on “Discerning the trees from the forest: BVOC and fire emissions”.

Marta Galvagno visited us

Visit & Presentation

Marta Galvagno from ARPA Valle d’Aosta was visting us and gave a seminar talk on “Monitoring and modeling CO2 exchange of a mountain grassland in the Italian Alps”. On 24 May we visited our study sites in Stubai Valley and discussed potential future collaborations.

And: Publication List Updated

New publications have been submitted, others are now in press. For more click here!

Mathew Williams visited us

Dr. Mathew Williams (University of Edinburgh) visited our institute and gave a talk on “Improving understanding and forecasts of the terrestrial carbon cycle” within the “Ökologischen Kolloquium”.

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