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Progress at forest flux tower Obermieming

IMG_98800caeccb8-5e7e-432c-aeea-1b8453976f50 13ea88fd-f9df-4dfa-b60e-c9bcd12b3baf

8a5fed3d-f45e-4c0f-b741-83df9c45e36f 237dc939-0bcd-4bde-9a8c-d088d78af045 3305d426-21ce-489c-9e59-021ac4d453e3Stopped by frozen soils during winter and the Corona virus in spring, Mario and Herbert, supported by Albin and Kathi, (thanks for the pics!) finally were able to make it to the site to start mounting the fence surrounding the site infrastructure so that we will be able to mount tons of sensor at the two towers in the near future – excited to finally start measurements at the site!

Peru update

Latest photos from Lorenz before his return back to Innsbruck – the papas are growing on the eddy site!

782fce68-263b-4ff2-83c7-ba9fa4a984d8 a17461da-74c2-4fb6-9527-96644eaa9f11

Biomet alumni

One day before Christmas, Georg met with Peng, former PostDoc on the advection project, who spent a few days at Innsbruck with family. 

Mondsee update

Bad weather doesn’t prevent Kathi and Albin from doing maintanence at our flux tower at Lake Mondsee. Mondsee_191209

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