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EGU 2011 Roundup

We have visited the EGU General Assembly 2011 last week and now there is new stuff to see and do:

New Oral Presentation

“Leaf and ecosystem response of mountain grassland gas exchange to drought”

New Posters

“Acetone and acetaldehyde exchage above a managed temperate mountain grassland”

“Inverse Estimation of the Parameters of a Canopy Gross Photosynthesis Model”

“Calibration and Comparison of three SVAT models.”

“Vulnerability assessment of climate change impact on natural hazards in energy systems”

Published Paper and a Poster

Paper Published

Ruuskanen et al. “Eddy covariance VOC emission and deposition fluxes above grassland using PTR-TOF”

 New Poster

Hörtnagl et al. “Biotic, abiotic and management controls on methanol exchange above a temperate mountain grassland”

Project Approved

We have received notice that our proposal to the FWF

“Fluxes of biogenic oxygenated volatile organic compounds between mountain grassland ecosystems and the atmosphere”

was approved and will be funded for the next three years with 300kEuro.

Recent News

Published Paper x 2

New paper published: “Insights from independent evapotranspiration estimates for closing the energy balance: a grassland case study” Click here!

And another one: “Assessing parameter variability in a photosynthesis model within and between plant functional types using global Fluxnet eddy covariance data”

Project Page Updated

The GrassClim project page has been updated. Take a look!

New  Poster

This new poster sums up our work in Neustift: “Breathing of the Biosphere: A Decade of Ecosystem-Atmosphere Trace Gas Exchange Measurements at the LTER Austria Site Neustift” Let me see!

GrassClim starts

Our newest project GrassClim starts! To read up on what we do where and how, click here!