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Peru update

Latest photos from Lorenz before his return back to Innsbruck – the papas are growing on the eddy site!

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Mondsee update

Bad weather doesn’t prevent Kathi and Albin from doing maintanence at our flux tower at Lake Mondsee. Mondsee_191209

Peru update


The vegetation period is progressing at our study sites around Huaraz, as can be seen in the picture showing potatoe plants emerging at the EC flux tower site in Llupa.


Meanwhile the new AWS has been set up in the Cordillera negra close to the village of Chincay.

Leinefelde teardown


Today Felix and Katharina are out at Leinefelde (flux tower run by Alex Knohl and his group) to bring back the COS laser and the Moni-PAM system, which have been at the site together with a SIF system (FLOX box) by MPI (Mirco Migliavacca) since September and early summer, respectively.

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