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New project funded

We have received the fantastic news today that a joint project with the University of Bolzano (Massimo Tagliavini, Leonardo Montagnani, Damiano Zanotelli) and Eurac Research (Claudia Notarnicola, Mariapina Castelli, Alice Crespi and Georg Niedrist) entitled “A monitoring system for carbon fluxes in South Tyrolean ecosystems” will be funded within the Research Südtirol/Alto Adige 2022 call.

New FWF project funded

We have received the wonderful pre-Xmas news that our project “Longterm carbon and water balance of a coniferous forest” submitted to the Austrian National Science Fund (FWF) will be funded for the coming four years!

The funding will allow us to shift gears with respect to long-term measurements at the FAIR site, which we initiated back in 2021, and at the same time tackle some of the current problems in forest-atmosphere carbon and water exchange.

New grant to Lorenz Hänchen

PhD student Lorenz Hänchen will receive a grant from the Tyrolean Young Scientist 2023 program in order to work on making the photochemical reflectance index (PRI) a more reliable proxy for non-photochemical quenching.

Congratulations to Lorenz for this achievement!

Preparations for grapevine experiments

greenhouse budburst 05 06.04.21

Preparations for the factorial heat x drought experiment in the climate chambers of the TerraXCube in Bozen/Bolzano within the frame of a project funded by the province of South Tyrol are on the way.

Project partners from Laimburg have already prepared experimental plants and the first batch of these is already going into budburst as the picure by Amy Kadison shows. Looking forward to the experiment in July/August!

PostDoc position @ Free University of Bolzano/Bozen

Our colleagues at the Free University of Bolzano/Bozen have an opening for a PostDoc position in our joint project “Effect of climate extremes on grapevine production in SouthTyrol: early detection of abiotic stress and consequences on wine quality”. Apply here.