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New study site and paper published

Today Kathi and Georg made the long drive to Lunz am See to set up an eddy covariance flux tower within the CarbEx project. Since the platform has been removed during winter, the flux tower as set up at the shore of the lake close to the Water Cluster Lunz in the meantime, before it will be moved to the platform in spring. The aim of the project is to link hydrological extremes to the carbon cycle of Lunzer See and the eddy flux measurements yield the lake-atmosphere CO2 flux.


The methane/nitrous oxide flux paper has been finally published in BG: Hörtnagl L., Wohlfahrt G. (2014) Methane and nitrous oxide exchange over a managed hay meadow. Biogeosciences 11, 7219-7236. link

Project funded

Today we have received notice that our project “Carbonyl sulfide exchange between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere: magnitude, controls and relationship to canopy photosynthesis and transpiration” will be funded for the next three years by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

Field campaign

In the context of RadarSat overpasses Katharina and Georg went to the pasture EC site in Vinschgau to do some EcoBot measurements for the HighResAlp project. The EcoBot was recently upgraded with a GPS and Decagon NDVI and PRI sensors (see picture). We collected at total of 240 measurements within the footprint of the eddy covariance tower.

Foto 1

At the same time the Applied Remote Sensing group from EURAC flew a hyperspectral camera with their new toy, the drone (see picture). The collected data will be used to explore the effects of within-footprint heterogeneity on fluxes measured by eddy covariance.
Foto 2

FWF project funded

Today we received notice that Albin’s project proposal to the FWF, entitled “Land-atmosphere carbon monoxide exchange”, will be funded – CONGRATULATIONS!