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Drone flight

This week Magnus Bremer (Institute of Geography, University of Innsbruck) used the great weather conditions to do a drone flight (video) with a laser scanner for the 3D reconstruction of canopy structure and a thermal imager. Here the aim is to fuse these data in order to improve remote sensing based modeling of evapotranspiration (picture and movie © Magnus Bremer).

Mountains under Watch 2013 conference

We have been attending the Mountains under Watch 2013 conference in Bard (Valle d’Aosta, Italy) 20-22 February 2013. Georg gave a keynote lecture on “Effects of global changes on mountain ecosystems” (watch video (external link) recorded by Greg Greenwood from MRI) and Albin a talk on “As simple as possible, but not simpler than that: An efficient soil water content model for broad ecological applications”.

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