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Advection Visualized

Georg spent a week in Aosta Valley, Italy, studying CO2 advection at the subalpine grassland site Torgnon together with Marta Galvagno and colleagues from ARPA Valle d’Aosta. The pictures show the study site in the fading light of day and the prominent peak of Matterhorn (Cervino) across the border to Switzerland. The video shows an attempt to visualise nighttime downslope flows using a fog machine (usually used for parties ….).

EGU 2012 Roundup

There is a lot to write news about, so let’s start at the beginning:

The Presentations:

  • Deposition of terpenes to vegetation – a paradigm shift towards bidirectional VOC exchange?
  • Off-season carbon dioxide exchange of a temperate mountain grassland

The Posters:

TV News:

Stefanie Hörbst and Felix Spielmann did measurements as part of a course at the University of Innsbruck comparing air temperatures in urban and rural environments. They had the opportunity to explain their work to a wider audience during their appearance in the Tirol Heute weather forecast. Here are some pics, and there’s even a video.

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