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Hyperspectral and SIF measurements starting at Neustift

Today Karolina and others mounted the WhiteRef loaned from FEM (foreground) and our SIF system (background) to start jointly measuring hyperspectral reflectance and passive (sun-induced) fluorescence at Neustift within the frame of her Marie Sklodowska-Curie project COSIF. These measurements will be accompanied within COS/CO2 eddy covariance flux measurements and active chlorophyll fluorescence by means of a moniPAM.


Katharina onboard RV Poseidon: I

Katharina just arrived at Las Palmas, where she will set of with the RV Poseidon within the frame of a scientific cruise by Geomar (POS519) for the Mauritanian upwelling in order to accomplish the first ever direct sea-atmosphere COS flux measurements. Below a few impressions from the setup in Las Palmas. The cruise can be followed here.

38f6acb9-6f03-47bf-b42e-f5b511896a2b ac44aedf-eb5a-47a8-a539-d7a024b75c78 8a15d01f-d3c4-4af2-aa3a-8a459efef45c 61dc8e78-c56a-4d55-8471-e67b269ade7d 580624a1-a791-442a-a5d6-8da2bca0958b b1f996b0-03ac-409f-9c39-84a533a8b7cf

ExCarb workshop

Kathi and Georg attended the ExCarb workshop at Lunz to discuss progress with joint publications as the project winds down. Below a few impressions from the flux station.

IMG_0053 DSC08508

Ariis mini-workshop and seminar presentation

This Monday, Alessandro and Gemini (University of Udine) visited us to discuss the results of this year’s measurement campaign at Ariis, where a wildtype and chlorophyll-deficient soybean mutant were compared in a large-scale field experiment, to which we participated measuring COS and CO2 fluxes, as well as sun-induced fluorescence.IMG_2432

In the afternoon, Alessandro gave a well-received presentation in the Institute’s seminar series, blending their previous and current research results on soybean.


End of advection campaign in Torgnon

Yesterday, Marta and colleagues from ARPA dismantled the advection equipment that was in place since July at the grassland of Torgnon (this time without a helicopter but a lot of motivated man-power). The equipment will remain in Aosta until next summer, when it is planned to be deployed at the Larch flux tower.

IMG_0533 IMG_0510

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