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Within four days two of our MSc students have successfully defended – congratulations to Katharina and Karl!

Master defense

Today Felix Spielmann successfully defended his master thesis entitled “Bi-directional exchange of volatile organic compounds at leaf level” – congratulations!

Sabrina graduated

Today our Master student Sabrina Obwegeser successfully defended here Master thesis entitled “Consequences of drought stress on autochthonous tree species in Austria” – congratulations!

New PhD

PhD News

Ines Bamberger successfully defended her PhD thesis on 9 March – congratulations! Ines will now move to ETH Grassland Science (Prof. Nina Buchmann) in Zürich for a PostDoc position.

Graduation, Press & Publications

First things first: Christoph has finished his master thesis! Congratulations! For more info on Christoph check ‘People’.

Multiple newspapers have reported on our VOC-project! We have collected some of the links, click here to see them.

And: there are some new publications. Check ‘Publications’ to see what they are about.

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