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MSc defense

Today Michael Steiner successfully defended his MSc thesis on using active chlorophyll fluorescence for diagnosing heat and drought stress in grapevine – congrats!

PhD defense

Kathi_1Congratulations to Katharina Scholz who today successfully defended her PhD thesis on “The carbon balance of an alpine grassland and a mountain lake in complex topography: ecological insights and micro meteorological insights”!



MSc thesis defensio

Today Michaela successfully defended her MSc thesis entitled “Combining chlorophyll fluorescence and carbonyl sulfide for the estimation of gross primary productivity” – congratulations!

MSc defensio

Today MSc student Lorenzo Barbieri successfully defended his thesis entitled “Seasonal and Inter-annual variation of aerosol size distributions and identification of processes affecting New Particle Formation at Mt. Cimone (Italy)” – congratulations!

PhD defense


Last Friday, Felix Spielmann has successfully defended his PhD thesis on the ecosystem-atmosphere exchange of COS – congratulations!

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