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Marta Galvagno visited us

Visit & Presentation

Marta Galvagno from ARPA Valle d’Aosta was visting us and gave a seminar talk on “Monitoring and modeling CO2 exchange of a mountain grassland in the Italian Alps”. On 24 May we visited our study sites in Stubai Valley and discussed potential future collaborations.

And: Publication List Updated

New publications have been submitted, others are now in press. For more click here!

Recent News

Published Paper x 2

New paper published: “Insights from independent evapotranspiration estimates for closing the energy balance: a grassland case study” Click here!

And another one: “Assessing parameter variability in a photosynthesis model within and between plant functional types using global Fluxnet eddy covariance data”

Project Page Updated

The GrassClim project page has been updated. Take a look!

New  Poster

This new poster sums up our work in Neustift: “Breathing of the Biosphere: A Decade of Ecosystem-Atmosphere Trace Gas Exchange Measurements at the LTER Austria Site Neustift” Let me see!

Publication In The Press

A new publication with the title

“Contrasting response of European forest and grassland energy exchange to heatwaves”

has been published in nature geoscience. There is also an official press release of the University of Innsbruck.

The press has also reported on this study, including and the Austrian Press Agency. A list of links to the press can be found in Research > Outreach.

On another note: our webcam is online now! Click on the picture in the sidebar on the right to get a larger version.

Project Descriptions Updated

It was time to update some of the project descriptions, and that is what we did! Feel free to check out the updated versions of general projects and the VOC project (with new pictures!).

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