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PhD scholarship

We received notice that Sylvie will be supported by a PhD scholarship of the University of Innsbruck during the next 6 months in order to wrap up her dissertation – congratulations!

PhD scholarship

Today we received notice that Katharina (Gerdel) will be supported during the next 12 months by a scholarship of the University of Innsbruck for her PhD project – congratulations!

Fellowships, visitors and publication news

LFU_Doc_VerleihungKatharina (fourth from left) and Felix (leftmost) were officially awarded their PhD fellowships by the University of Innsbruck (picture courtesy of university press office).




Paul Stoy visited us (pictures showing him at our field site Neustift and together with Albin and Katharina at the Grawa waterfall in Stubai Valley) to give a presentation on “Interpreting processes by observing patterns: Data-intensive strategies for understanding the role of ecosystems in the climate system”.









New paper: Barthel M.,Sturm P., Hammerle A., Buchmann N., Gentsch L., Siegwolf R., Knohl A. (2014) Soil H2 18O labelling reveals the effect of drought on C18OO fluxes to the atmosphere. Journal of Experimental Botany 65, 5783-5793. doi: 10.1093/jxb/eru312.

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