Archive: The Year 2014

New papers

Yuan W., Cai W., Liu S., dong W., Chen J., Arain A., Blanken P.D., Cescatti A., Wohlfahrt G., Georgiadis T., Genesio L., Gianelle D., Grelle A., Kiely G., Knohl A., Liu D., Marek M., Merbold L., Montagnani L., Panferov O., Peltoniemi M., Rambal S. Raschi A., Varlagin A., Xia J. (2014) Vegetation-specific model parameters are not required for estimating gross primary production. Ecological Modelling, in press.

Song B., Niu S., Luo R.,Luo Y., Chen J., Yu G., Olejnik J., Wohlfahrt G., Kiely G., Noormets A., Montagnani L., Cescatti A., Magliulo V., Law B.E., Lund M., Varlagin A., Raschi A., Peichl M., Nilsson M.B., Merbold L. (2014) Divergent apparent temperature sensitivity of terrestrial ecosystem respiration. Journal of Plant Ecology, doi: 10.1093/jpe/rtu014.

New paper

Mallick K., Jarvis A., Wohlfahrt G., Kiely G., Hirano T., Miyata A., Yamamoto S., Hoffmann L. (2014) Components of near-surface energy balance derived from satellite soundings – Part 1: Net available energy. Biogeosciences Discussions 11, 11825-11861. link

New papers

Wohlfahrt G., Tasser E. (2014) A mobile system for quantifying the spatial variability of the surface energy balance: design and application. International Journal of Biometeorology, in press. link

Walker A.P., Beckerman A.P., Kattge J., Cernusak L.A., Domingues T.F., Scales J.C., Wohlfahrt G., Wulschlleger S., Woodward F.I. (2014) The relationship of leaf photosynthetic traits—VCmax and Jmax—to leaf nitrogen, leaf phosphorus and specific leaf area: A meta-analysis and modelling study. Ecology and Evolution, in press. link

New paper

Balzarolo M., Vescovo L., Hammerle A., Gianelle D., Papale D., Wohlfahrt G. (2014) On the relationship between ecosystem-scale hyperspectral reflectance and CO2 exchange in European mountain grasslands. Biogeosciences Discussions 11, 10323-10363. link to Journal homepage

Master defense

Today Felix Spielmann successfully defended his master thesis entitled “Bi-directional exchange of volatile organic compounds at leaf level” – congratulations!

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