Archive: The Year 2014

New papers

Yuan W., Cai W., Xia J., Chen J., Liu S., Dong W., Merbold L., Law B., Arain A., Beringer J., Bernhofer C., Black A., Blanken P. D., Cescatti A., Chen Y., Francois L., Gianelle D., Janssens I. A., Jung M., Kato T., Kiely G., Liu D., Marcolla B., Montagnani L., Raschi A., Roupsard O., Varlagin A., Wohlfahrt G. (2014) Global comparison of light use efficiency models for simulating terrestrial vegetation gross primary production based on the LaThuile database. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, in press.

Gentsch L., Sturm P., Hammerle A., Siegwolf R., Wingate L., Ogée J., Baur T., Plüss P., Barthel M., Buchmann N., Knohl A. (2014) Carbon isotope discrimination during branch photosynthesis of Fagus sylvatica: field measurements using laser spectrometry. Journal of Experimental Botany 65: 1481-1496. journal

New paper

A new paper resulting from the collaboration with the European Academy of Bolzano within the HydroAlp project was published online:
Della Chiesa S., Bertoldi G., Niedrist G., Obojes N., Endrizzi S., Albertson J.D.,Wohlfahrt G.Hörtnagl L., Tappeiner U. (2014) Modeling changes in grassland hydrological cycling along an elevational gradient in the Alps. Ecohydrology10.1002/eco.1471.

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