Archive: The Year 2014

New paper

Migliavacca M., Reichstein M., Richardson A.D., Mahecha M.D., Cremonese D., Delpierre N., Galvagno M., Law B.E., Wohlfahrt G., Black T.A. , Carvalhais N., Ceccherini G., Chen J., Gobron N., Koffi E., Munger J.W., Perez-Priego O., Robustelli M., Tomelleri E., Cescatti A. (2014) Influence of physiological phenology on the seasonal pattern of ecosystem respiration in deciduous forests. Global Change Biology. link

New paper

Parazoo N.C., Bowman K., Fisher J.B., Frankenberg C., Jones D.B.A., Cescatti A., Pérez-Priego O., Wohlfahrt G., Montagnani L. (2014) Terrestrial Gross Primary Production Inferred From Satellite Fluorescence and Vegetation Models. Global Change Biology, doi: 10.1111/gcb.12652.

New study site

IMG_6942Yesterday Albin and Georg set up a new flux tower in Vinschgau on a non-irrigated pasture close to the existing one on an irrigated and mowed grassland. Flux measurements at both sites will be used to validate remote sensing and modelling approaches for evapotranspiration and soil moisture within the HighResAlp project.

New papers

Gentsch L., Hammerle A., Sturm P., Ogée J., Wingate L., Siegwolf R., Plüss P., Baur T., Buchmann N., Knohl A. (2014) Carbon isotope discrimination during branch photosynthesis of Fagus sylvatica: a Bayesian modelling approach. Plant, Cell & Environment 37, 1516–1535.  download | journal

Hörtnagl L., Wohlfahrt G. (2014) Methane and nitrous oxide exchange over a managed hay meadow. Biogeosciences Discussions 11, 8181-8225.  download | journal [OPEN ACCESS]

Hörtnagl L., Bamberger I., Graus M., Ruuskanen T. M., Schnitzhofer R., Walser M., Unterberger A., Hansel A., Wohlfahrt G. (2014) Acetaldehyde exchange above a managed temperate mountain grassland. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 14, 5369-5391.  download | journal [OPEN ACCESS]

Mallick K., Jarvis A., Wohlfahrt G., Kiely G., Hirano T., Miyata A., Yamamoto S., Hoffmann L. (2014) Components of near-surface energy balance derived from satellite soundings – Part 2: Latent heat flux. Biogeosciences Discussions 11, 8085-8113.  download | journal [OPEN ACCESS]

Presentation at AMS meeting

AMS_advection_v03Georg gave an invited presentation at the AMS meeting in Portland/Oregon in the Session honoring Ray Leuning with the title “On the role of advection for the net ecosystem carbon dioxide exchange of a subalpine grassland”.

View recorded presentation (external link).

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