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Goodbye and Hello

Yesterday Mastaneh successfully defended her dissertation – congratulations and all the best for her future career!

The Biomet group welcomes a new MSc student – Daniel will be working with the eddy flux data from our two sites in Vinschgau/Val Venosta comparing energy and CO2 exchange at a rain-fed and irrigated grassland in a dry inner-alpine Valley.

Baby news

Today Felix became a father of a daughter – congratulations!

PhD scholarship

Today we received notice that Katharina (Gerdel) will be supported during the next 12 months by a scholarship of the University of Innsbruck for her PhD project – congratulations!

Tyrolean Science Fund grant handed over to Florian

On Friday, within the frame of a larger ceremony, the grants of the latest call by the Tyrolean Science Fund have been handed over to the recipients, including Florian, who luckily even made it onto a picture (the tall guy in the second row; image by Land Tirol/Sax) distributed to the media. Tilg_Wissenschaftsfond_220116_Klein-737x470

Biomet hike

This week we used the excellent weather conditions for a group hike.

IMG_0711After we had figured out where actually to go,

IMG_0714… and some involved grass scrambling

IMG_0724… we finally reached our “summit”, where we took a well-deserved break

IMG_0726… and marveled the gorgeous view.

IMG_0728“What goes up must come down” and so we eventually returned back and cooled down with a beer or two,

IMG_0731… replenished the burnt calories,

IMG_0732… after which we needed some help for digestion,

IMG_0734… before we closed the hike with a game of viking chess.