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Gerrit Schoups visiting

5122Gerrit Schoups (Delft University, The Netherlands) was visiting us to discuss Bayesian parameter estimation methods based on uncertain input and calibration data and to give a presentation in the seminar series Ökologisches Kolloquium. The picture shows Gerrit and Albin during a field visit at Neustift.

Advection Visualized

Georg spent a week in Aosta Valley, Italy, studying CO2 advection at the subalpine grassland site Torgnon together with Marta Galvagno and colleagues from ARPA Valle d’Aosta. The pictures show the study site in the fading light of day and the prominent peak of Matterhorn (Cervino) across the border to Switzerland. The video shows an attempt to visualise nighttime downslope flows using a fog machine (usually used for parties ….).

Recent News

Award News

Lukas was awarded the Outstanding Student Poster Award 2011 by the EGU for his poster on “Acetone and acetaldehyde exchange above a managed temperate mountain grassland”.

Short-term Scientific Mission

Albin is presently on a short-term scientific mission with Prof. Gerrit Schoups at the TU Delft financed by the COST action ABBA. The objective of this week-long stay is to collaborate on the Bayesian calibration of our grassland carbon cycling model.

New Group Member

Felix Spielmann is joining the group as a Master student and will be conducting VOC leaf gas exchange measurements on mountain grassland plant species in collaboration with Prof. Jörg-Peter Schnitzler at the Helmholtz Zentrum München.

New Publications

The paper by Niu et al. on the thermal optimality of NEE was accepted by New Phytologist. Publications

10 Years, 1 Presentation

Georg gave a presentation on

„Trace gas fluxes from/to grassland: A decade of micrometeorological research at a hay meadow in the Stubai Valley/Austria”

@ ETH Zürich. To download the slides, click here.

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